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Step 1:
Sign up by filling out the form below, you must choose one bundle option and will not get to change it later, so choose wisely. (Note we will be selling Black Boxes in the future without bundles, for those of you who already own ASICs)

Step 2:
An Upstream Data representative will contact you a few days after the presale ends with more information on what is included in the bundle, an instruction manual and estimated pricing. At this time a non-refundable bitcoin deposit (approx. $50 USD worth of bitcoin) is required and must be paid to a bitcoin address specified in the email within a time frame to confirm the order. Any deposit received after the specified deadline will not be confirmed. You can back out of the order simply by not sending the order deposit prior to the deadline, no further action is required.

Step 3
After the final order list and quantity is confirmed an Upstream Data representative will send out final pricing, estimated shipping dates of the Black Box (we are targeting to begin shipping in January 2022) and an invoice to complete the order. At this point the invoice amount must be paid in full to complete the order, there will be no refund on the prior deposit if you choose not to proceed. We will accept Bitcoin, CAD or USD as payment but a price discount will be applied to customers paying in Bitcoin.

Step 4:
Once full payment is received, the ASIC(s) that is included in the bundle will IMMEDIATELY ship to the customer (given normal business lead times) and will not wait to be shipped with the Black Box. You will be sent a tracking number for the ASIC(s) once shipped and will have 7 days upon receipt to test it and confirm they are in good working order, otherwise manufacturer warranty will apply (if applicable).

Step 5:

When manufacturing is complete on your Black Box it will be shipped to your address specified in the contact form below.


Black Box Presale Form

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Choose your ASIC bundle:


Thanks you for signing up to our exclusive launch!
Please check your email for confirmation and instructions to submit an order deposit to secure your order.

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What is a Black Box anyway?

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