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"We help oil and gas producers reduce emissions and operate more efficiently."

Since 2017 we have been pioneering a creative solution for vented and flared natural gas at upstream oil and gas facilities, a problem that has persisted since oil production began with the Drake Well in 1859.


Our solution is to pair modular bitcoin mining datacenters to natural gas engines, together waste energy is converted into useful work and monetized. Our datacenters do not need costly utilities such as pipelines or power lines. All that is required to start is a natural gas source and a low cost internet connection such as cellular or satellite. 


We design our products to be operator friendly with remote applications in mind. While we focus on the oil and gas industry our portable Ohmm datacenters are viable in all bitcoin mining applications.

At Upstream Data our goal is to build and deploy datacenters for customers all over the world. We want to help distribute hashrate ownership across the globe so we can decentralize the production of bitcoin and help make the network more robust.

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